A Day In The Life

Friday afternoon I was listening to my ipod at work. In the space of an hour three different versions of "A Day In The Life" came up on shuffle, and not one of them was the The Beatles' original version. What are the chances?

This is probably my second favorite Fab Four song, so it didn't really surprise me that I had so many versions of it (I don't have any covers of "In My Life" in my collection, because anyone who does that song tends to make it overly sappy). All three of these are live versions, and two of them are much, much better than the third one... I'll leave it up to you to decide which is which.

Cheap Trick - "A Day In The Life" (mp3) from Sgt. Pepper Live
Robyn Hitchcock - "A Day In The Life" (mp3) from Live Death
Sting - "A Day In The Life" (mp3) from Demolition Man


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