Do You Believe In Blood?

Lylas - Do You Believe In Blood?

Lylas has always been a band for all seasons. They've recorded spring songs, summer songs, and two EPs full of Christmas songs. But perhaps the time of year their music is most appropriate for is Halloween. Even when they aren't name dropping the October holiday in their songs (something they do twice on their new album), their music has long been full of themes appropriate the season of ghosts and the ghoulish. It's the kind of world where courting couples sweetly embrace, only to have one of them fall back with a knife wound.

Their second full length album continues the lyrical themes that their press release accurately describes as "the strangely sweet and the gently macabre," but the addition of Features drummer Rollum Haas to their ranks has added a bit of muscle to their chamber folk/pop. Don't get me wrong, you're not going to suddenly mistake them for a rock band, but they've never previously recorded anything quite as rambunctious as "Baby Brimstone." And Kelli Shay Hix's fiddle serves to accentuate the subtle country influence that has always been present in their sound. Like a Hitchcock film set to a Django Reinhardt score, Do You Believe In Blood? is equal parts chilling and charming. If you're looking for the perfect soundtrack for sipping some witches brew while chasing frightened children off your porch tomorrow night, this is it.

Lylas - "Fix Me Dixie" (mp3)
Lylas - "Baby Brimstone" (mp3)

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