Capgun Coup's Maudlin

Capgun Coup - Maudlin

The sophomore album from Omaha, NE's Capgun Coup is frenetic collision of 60's garage rock and 70's punk spirit. Recorded live in the studio, it documents the madhouse atmosphere of the house shows the band is known for in their hometown. Frontman Sam Martin delivers his biting lyrics with a Dylan-esque delivery, conjuring up images of what Mr. Zimmerman might have sounded like had he been five years younger and headed to Detroit or the Pacific Northwest instead of the folk scene of Greenwich Village. Whether it's the Farfisa fueled "Computer Screens and TVs," or the Ventures homage that kicks off "When I'm Gone," Maudlin is filled with a relentless energy that stands in stark contrast to the album's title.

Capgun Coup - "Sitting On The Sidewalk" (mp3)
Capgun Coup - "Bad Bands" (mp3)


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