Why You Runnin'

Lissie - Why You Runnin'

As introductions to a new artist go, the debut from Lissie Maurus, is a pretty promising one. Blessed with the pipes of her barbershop quartet champion grandfather, and the vagabond spirit of her train jumping great-grandfather, this Rock Island, IL native has unveiled a stellar EP that is sure to turn heads. With an assist from Band Of Horses' Bill Reynolds and Tyler Ramsey, she sounds like a more homespun version of Neko Case, while the production invites comparisons to Emmylou Harris' work with Daniel Lanois. "Little Lovin' " is a lively opener, but the rest of Why You Runnin' is a more subdued affair. A gorgeous cover of Hank William's "Wedding Bells" shows that her heart's in the right place, and sets the tone for the originals that follow. "Oh Mississippi" is a wistful ode to the river she grew up with, while "Everywhere I Go" and "Here Before" are yearning ballads whose minimal arrangements are the perfect setting to showcase her gorgeous vocals. Lissie is definitely an artist I'm looking forward to hearing more from.

Lissie - "Little Lovin' " (mp3)


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