RIP Velvet Thunder

If you ever spent anytime downtown Nashville in the last thirty years, chances are you saw and heard Velvet Thunder. The guy was an institution, and the exception to the disparaging remarks I made a couple months ago about not being interested in local street musicians. He had a regular post sitting just outside the Spaghetti Factory, and frankly a trip to Second Avenue where I didn't see him was always a bit of a disappointment. The guy seemed to know every song anyone ever requested, and he always had a smile on his face. He told stories about singing with Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, and even though the tales were probably bullshit, it didn't make them any less entertaining. He was even the cover star of a seven inch EP put out by legendary local punk label House O' Pain that featured one of my old bands. To me he is just as big a part of Nashville's musical legacy as anyone who ever graced the Ryman's stage.

I was reading the Tennessean yesterday, and
Velvet died last week. Second Avenue will never be the same.

You can still toss a few bucks his way... stop by any Bank of America branch to contribute to the Elringo De'Angelino Fund to help pay for his funeral expenses. You'll be helping to commemorate one of Music City's true musical treasures.


Velvet's funeral will be Saturday, November 28th at Woodlawn Funeral home, 600 Thompson Lane. Visitation is from 10a to 1130A and a service follows at 1130. Gonna miss him and I hope he appreciates the sendoff....
Thanks for your kind words about him.
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