Farewell Chris Feinstein

As news broke yesterday that Chris Feinstein passed away on Monday, most of the stories have focused on him being the bass player for Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. I guess that's understandable, since it was both his most recent and most popular gig. But he'd been an important part of Nashville's rock scene for years. He'd been a member if some of Nashville's seminal rock bands... The Questionaires, Shadow 15, Bedlam and Iodine among them, as well as recording and touring with Matthew Ryan. He'd also done studio work with Patty Griffin, Moby, the Strokes' Albert Hammond Jr and former Split Enz guitarist Tim Finn. And while his musical resume is impressive, I'll remember him most just for being a really nice guy. I got to know him during the Iodine days, and it was always a treat to talk to him. He was one of those people who would always greet you with a smile, and he could excitedly talk music with you for hours. He may have been a New Yorker for quite a while now, but there are surely a ton of people here in Nashville who are immensely saddened by the news of his passing. I'm definitely one of them.

For those of who who may only be familiar with his more recent discography, here are a few highlights from his musical legacy. Godspeed Chris... you will be missed.

Iodine - "Swan Dive" (mp3) from Baby Grand
Patty Griffin - "Blue Sky" (mp3) from Flaming Red
Tim Finn - "Good Together" (mp3) from Say It Is So
Shadow 15 - "The Last Forever" (mp3) from City Without A Subway
The Questionnaires - "Boomtown" (mp3) from City Without A Subway

I was going to post Matthew Ryan's "Heartache Weather" from his second album
East Autumn Grin as well, but I couldn't find the CD. Turns out Matthew has made a tribute video to Chris using the song...


Will Miss you dude!!
That was a nice tribute Darrin. Thanks for a great post. The links you provided were perfect.
I had no idea he was playing as a Cardinal. I have fond memories of The Questionaires.

Red Tears.
Great tribute the Chris Feinstein! iodine rocked - one of the best bands of all time!
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