Christmas Around The World - California

I spent Christmas in San Diego ten years ago. My dad's entire family met down there for the holidays, and I remember going to my Aunt's condo on Christmas Eve and thinking how weird it was that it was in the mid-70's and people were laying out on the beach. But despite the warm weather, it was one of the most memorable Christmases of my life. Watching the sunset from the boardwalk at the Hotel Del Coronado, and then heading into the lobby for a family picture in front of their absolutely massive Christmas tree was a lot of fun. And when you've got family together for dinner and presents, it really doesn't matter whether it's cold outside or not.

I absolutely fell in love with this song last year. The lyrics reminded me of the two holiday seasons I spent in Las Vegas, plus I was in the middle of falling in love with my fiance last December, so the almost overwhelming sweetness of the lyrics that aren't talking about fake snow and billboard lights fit my frame of mind perfectly. The original version features
Simone White on the female vocals, but this acoustic version has Wedding Present bassist Terry de Castro singing with David Gedge. Whether you're under a blanket in front of a fireplace or on a blanket sitting on the beach, this is a perfect song for Christmas cuddling.

The Wedding Present - "Holly Jolly Hollywood (Acoustic)" mp3 from the Holly Jolly Hollywood EP

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You do know three out of five of your Xmas Around The World posts have been in the U.S.?
Is the US not part of the world?

Anyway, you'll like the one I just posted. The last two won't be the US either, so that'll make three of eight. Patience grasshopper.
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