LaDanian Tomlinson introduces the Electric Glide

A lot of athletes like to moonlight as rappers. Deion Sanders. Shaquile O'Neal. The 1985 Chicago Bears. There is a reason most of them ended up sticking to their day jobs.

Now another athlete has thrown his hat into the hip hop ring. A lot of people think that LaDanian Tomlinson is reaching the end of his NFL career, and if this is the first step of his post-football career, I suggest he take whatever paycut he has to to spend another year with the Chargers. It's hard to decide which is worse... the video, the rhymes, or the music. But if he was trying to be hilarious... mission accomplished.

Ten bucks says the first time a Jets defender tackles LT for a loss on Sunday, they'll do the Electric Glide over his ass.


This HAS to be totally for comedy purposes. I know he does a lot of charity work... maybe somehow it benefits charity? I hope? I know his wife is a singer for real (how do I know that? I watch too much tv)... so she couldn't possibly let him do something like that if it wasn't a gag.
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