Vampire Weekend Revisited

Vampire Weekend - Contra

I like to think I'm an open minded person, and that I don't let preconceived notions get the best of me. But I'm also human, and I realize that despite my best intentions, sometimes prejudice colors my judgement. Such was the case two years ago when
Vampire Weekend broke out. I decided that a bunch of trust fund kids ripping off Paul Simon's Graceland didn't sound like my cup of tea, so I promptly tuned them out.

Something has changed though. Maybe it's that I'm older and wiser. Perhaps it's that Contra is better than their debut (I can't say, because I still haven't listened to their first album). Or maybe it's the fact that XL sent me the new album for free that caused me to give it a chance. But I've got to admit... I'm digging it quite a bit. I still don't think they're doing anything that Peter Gabriel wasn't doing 30 years ago, and listening to them feels more like a game of "spot the influences" rather than hearing something truly original. For instance, can anyone listen to "Run" without hearing the drumbeat from "Sunday Bloody Sunday?" But all that's beside the point, because I'm really enjoying their sophomore set. The combination of pop melodies and African rhythms makes for surprisingly great workout music, and it's definitely the kind of album I can imagine listening to in the car on a sunny spring day. So here's to second chances and open minds.

Vampire Weekend - "Horchata" (mp3) from Contra


Hey Hey! Check out the new song Broken Bells posted on their myspace its called "Vaporize": . This record is going to be record of the year!!!
Sometimes it's best to just enjoy new music rather than quibble over how it sounds like someone else. Also, go back and listen to the first album because it's better than the second.
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