Record Store Day 2010

So here I was, about to make my first post of married life by previewing Record Store Day 2010 in Nashville, and holy shit.... Emmylou Harris is playing at The Groove! The rest of their lineup is pretty sweet too, but let me repeat that... Emmylou Harris is playing at The Groove! As in the little neighborhood record store five minutes from our new house. Hell to the yes. You can bet your ass you know where I will be at 2:45 this Saturday.

Of course
Grimey's has a pretty good lineup too, but none of their performers are named Emmylou Harris.

Normally this is the part of the post where I would post a song by the artist I've just been going on and on about, but as much unpacking as we (meaning my wife) have done, the one thing that hasn't recovered is my CD collection. Maybe next time...

I'm going to hire your wife to help me when our new house is finished!

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