The New Pornographers - Together

If I had written about Together when it first came out a month ago, this would have been a much different review. My first impression after a couple of listens was that it was merely OK, and it didn't seem as catchy as their previous efforts. But after a week or so I started noticing how many of the songs were playing in my head at odd times... and not the obvious ones like "Crash Years" or "Your Hands (Together)." It was seemingly unlikely candidates like "My Saviour" that found themselves bouncing around my cranium while I was mowing the lawn or taking a shower. So I went back to the album with fresh ears, and was happy to discover that while Together might not have the rambunctious energy of Mass Romantic or Electric Version, that doesn't mean that the hooks aren't there. They're just surrounded with more lush and laid back musical settings. It's really a trend that started with Challengers, I guess it's just a bit more noticeable this time around.

The New Pornographers - "Your Hands (Together)" (mp3) removed by request

The New Pornographers will be playing in Nashville at the Mercy Lounge on Sunday, June 27.


"Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk" is my favorite from the new album. It kinda reminds me of that Tinted Windows song.
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