Catching A Tiger

Lissie - Catching a Tiger

I gotta admit that I didn't know quite how to react when I first listened to this album. Lissie's debut EP, Why You Runnin', was a much more rootsy affair. Catching A Tiger is definitely a bit shinier, a bit funkier, a little livelier and a lot more varied. It was kind of like hearing Norah Jones' last album for the first time... the shock of a new musical setting took a bit of getting used to, but in the same way it's just a new frame for a stellar voice (the comparison is especially appropriate since producer Jacquire King helmed both albums). It probably shouldn't have surprised me that Lissie would switch things up for her next release. All of her bio material describes a kind of wandering soul, who tries on new jobs and new towns with a greater than normal frequency, even by musician standards. That same restless spirit and sense of adventure is at work in here.

Lissie - "Bully" (mp3)

Lissie plays tomorrow night, February 3, at
The Mercy Lounge in Nashville. Dylan LeBlanc opens.


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