2012 Grammy Awards Live Blog

I've made a last minute decision to live blog the 2012 Grammy Awards, since the slate of performers actually looks watchable this year, and I don't have anything better to do. So with five minutes to go, I'll grab a drink, and we'll get started.

7:03 - Dear all country stars, please learn from The Boss how to write a pro-America song without sounding jingoistic. Springsteen... never not awesome.

7:06 - My wife... "LL Cool J looks like a ninja turtle."

7:12 - Bruno Mars - Prince would be proud.

7:24 - Every single performer nominated against Adele tonight has to know that they really don't have a shot in hell.

7:36 - Way to be unpredictable with the Rap award Grammy voters.

7:39 - Kelly Clarkson wins the award for least flattering dress. She sounds great though. She could easily have a country career if she wanted.

7:48 - Playing drums for the Foo Fighters is my dream job.

8:02 - I know that Coldplay wants to do everything that U2 has done, but they should have let them have the Rhianna collaboration. Common denominator... both of them sucked.

8:06 - Is it just me, or does Coldplay's bassist kinda look like Adam Levine?

8:25 - Fun fact (for me anyway); I saw The Beach Boys in 1985. It was awesome. I'm not sure I'd bet on Brian to make it through this reunion.

8:34 - The new Paul McCartney album is surprisingly awesome. I'll have a review up on Tuesday.

8:45 - Dear Taylor, the whole "Wow, I cant believe people are clapping for me" face is getting old.

8:56 - Just when you think Katy Perry's costumes cant get any more ridiculous...

9:07 - The only thing bigger than Adele's voice are her eyelashes.

9:22 - This Glen Campbell tribute started off great, and has gotten progressively worse, at least as far as the songs go.

9:38 - Best way to improve award shows? Quit letting the presidents of the organizations talk.

9:45 - Since the whole Whitney Houston tribute was inevitable, that was actually fairly understated and bearable.

9:58 - Dance music might be fun to experience live, but it's not very compelling television.

10:10 - Nicki Minaj was hands down the weirdest performance I've ever seen on an awards show.

10:20 - Poor Lady Gaga... all dressed up and no one cares.

10:30 - That finale was awesome. I figured there would be a medley, but to get THAT medley was pretty badass.

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