Slow Dancing

By now most people have heard about Willie Nelson and his bandmates getting busted for possession after their tour bus was stopped for a "routine commercial inspection" last week. I don't think there is anyone in the world who would be surprised that Willie Nelson got caught with his favorite herb. What is surprising about the story is that having a pound and a half of pot is only a misdemeanor! You could explain it with the old "everything is bigger in Texas" line, except that they got stopped in Lousiana. If you were ever curious as to what 24 ounces of marijuana looked like, The Smoking Gun has a picture of Willie's stash.

The story is pretty much old news by now, but it did inspire today's monday morning b-side...

U2 featuring Willie Nelson - "Slow Dancing" (mp3)

U2 has actually released "Slow Dancing" as a b-side twice. The first time was an acoustic version on the Stay (Faraway, So Close!) single in 1993. They later gave it the full band treatment, with Willie singing lead vocals, on the If God Will Send His Angels single, released four years later. This version is from the 1997 single, which is still in print (the "Stay" single is not, but you can find the original version of the song on iTunes).

Willie is 74 years old. He's been carrying that stuff around with him since forever and he's not gonna let a little thing like an arrest stop him.

I'd think Texas law enforcement has more important criminals they should be chasing down than Willie.
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