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Duraluxe is another band that I discovered when my band played with them this summer. I hit up their myspace profile before the show, and I must have listened to "The Ones You Trust" about a hundred times. They play quasi-psychedelic pop, kinda like a more upbeat Sparklehorse, or maybe The Dandy Warhols.

Duraluxe - "The Ones You Trust" (mp3)
Duraluxe - "Hit So Hard" (mp3)

They're doing a residency this month at everyone's favorite Nashville dive bar, the Springwater Supper Club. Every Monday they'll be (in their own words), "working on some new songs and bringing in our favorite people in the world to play music with." And this Monday (September 11), they are playing with another one of my favorite local bands, The Golden Sounds. Its almost criminal that a show this good will be free.

How awesome are The Golden Sounds? The first time I went to see them, the played at one of Nashville's more punctual clubs (its a trend around here), and we missed their set. So Todd, their lead singer, gave me and my friend copies of their first CD, We Are The Golden Sounds. Gratis. Its one of my favorite local discs, and I cant wait to pick up their newest, Wings Or Horns: The Astronaut Prophecies, at the show.

The Golden Sounds - "Elizabeth" (mp3)
The Golden Sounds - "Whistles And Windchimes" (mp3)

I'd post a link to their merchandise page, but it looks funny if you dont get to it from their website. So just go there to listen to more songs and buy their stuff. Or hit up their myspace page. And by all means get out to Springwater on Monday nite. The festivities start at 9 pm.

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