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I love traditions and rituals. My group of friends used met every Saturday for lunch at a mexican restaurant for four years before I moved to Las Vegas. I start off every workday by listening to Frank Sinatra. I have so many holiday oriented traditions that I couldn't possibly list them all here.

I'm also a huge fan of b-sides. I used to spend a small fortune buying up every CD single, 12 inch EP and 45 that any of my favorite artists put out. The proliferation of online music has made it a lot easier (and cheaper) to find rare tracks, but they still tend to be something that only the hardcore fans seek out. And that's a shame. The b-side has long overcome its reputation as a repository for songs that weren't good enough for an album. They now tend to highlight songs that may not have fit onto an album thematically, or a song where the artist experimented with a new sound or idea, or a cover tune. Band's like Oasis have even stuck some of their strongest songs onto a single's b-side ("Acquiesce" anyone?).

So combining two of my favorite things, I'm starting a weekly feature on my blog... the Monday Morning B-side. Why Monday? Because Mondays suck, so this will give me (and hopefully you) something to look forward to, a rare track you probably havent heard before to listen to with your morning cup of coffee. It starts tommorrow. Enjoy!

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