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Last month I made my first ever art purchase (surely thats a sign of finally becoming a grown up). It was a print, not a painting, because I'm still too poor to be a real art connoisseur. And being that I'm a huge music geek, of course it had to be music related. So here's the story...

In August, I saw
The Church in Atlanta. At their merch table, they were selling a bunch of limited edition prints of singer/songwriter/bassist Steve Kilbey's art work. I really wanted to get Self Portrait - Absinthe, but I decided that my meager merchandise budget would be better spent on the couple of CD's they'd releasaed in their "Jammed" series that I didn't have yet. But as much as I enjoyed listening to Back With Two Beasts on the drive back to Nashville, not buying that print was haunting me. So when I got an email from their mailing list a month later that Steve's art website was having a sale in honor of his birthday, I knew that fate was smiling on me. I am now the proud owner of a signed limited edition (12/25) print of the painting seen above.

Kilbey's label
Karmic Hit recently released their catalog on iTunes, which means you can get your hands on his solo material without ordering imports from Australia. These particular tracks are from his late 80's albums, which I love. There is a certain feeling that I get from them that is hard to describe. I'm sure part of it is nostalgia from listening to them incesantly in my dorm in college. As the run out groove on his first solo album Unearthed declared, "SHOULD BE LISTENED TO IN THE BEDROOM+OUT OF IT." I think that about sums it up.

Steve Kilbey - "Something That Means Something" (mp3) from The Slow Crack
Steve Kilbey - "Trilemma" (mp3) from Previews & Rareties
Steve Kilbey - "Life's Little Luxuries" (mp3) from Remindlessness
Steve Kilbey - "Nonapology" (mp3) from Unearthed

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I'm glad you like the print. Absinthe is one of my faves of his self portraits. It's so bold and striking.

You may be interested that an exhibition of Steve's paintings is being planned for next year in Atlanta. Right now it's looking like August or November 2007. Planning is still in the early stages, but it's something to keep an eye out for. :-)
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