Happy Birthday Frank

In my book, today is a national holiday. The birthday of one Francis Albert Sinatra. And since all birthdays should be spent with friends, here are a couple of duets to celebrate the occasion.

Frank Sinatra & Nat King Cole - "The Christmas Song" (mp3) from
Sinatra 80th: All The Best

This is basically a mashup. Produced by Phil Ramone in 1995, it was assembled by combining Cole's 1962 recording with Sinatra's take from 1957 (the one that appears on
A Jolly Christmas). Sinatra's version had to sped up to make it work, which might offend some purists, but I think it sounds great.

Frank Sinatra & Cyndi Lauper - "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" (mp3) from A Very Special Christmas 2

This duet was done in 1992 by pulling the vocal from Sinatra's 1947 Columbia recording and having Lauper sing over a rerecorded version of the song. Generally I abhor these kinds of electro-duets, but this one works. I think it's because Lauper does a great job matching up with the tone of Sinatra's performance. Frankly, it doesn't sound all that different from some of Frank's campier duets from the late forties.


These are the asnswer to people who say mashups are a bad thing. Something new and worthwhile from old sources.
What about the Nat King Cole/Natalie Cole tracks done similarly? Hevant heard those in years.
Oops! That would be 'Haven't'.
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