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Interpol - Live (EP)

If you're like me, you probably spent your December busy with holiday parties and family functions and lazy afternoons watching football. And with all that going on, you might not have had time to make a trip to your favorite local independent record shop. So maybe you missed the fact that just after Thanksgiving, Interpol released a six track live EP, simply titled Live, that is available exclusively through indie record shops.

Recorded at their concert at the London Astoria last July (the same show that produced the "Mammoth" video), the brief set focuses on their most recent album, along with two songs from their debut (Antics gets no love). A couple of the songs get new intro segues, but other than that the arrangements generally stick to the album versions. This truly is a release for the fans. If you like the band, you'll enjoy this. If you don't, it's probably not going to change your mind.

Interpol - "The Heinrich Maneuver (Live)" (mp3)


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