And That Day May Never Come

Evidently I was in a Marlon Brando kinda mood today*, because I ended up quoting two of his movies at work. One of them was the often misquoted line from the Godfather that guys love to bring out when someone asks them a favor. Sue me, I'm not above the occasional cliche. The other quote** came from this song from Guys and Dolls. Brando didn't sing it in the movie, but this version is freaking awesome. Der Bingle, Dino, and Frankie... it doesn't get better than that.

Bing Crosby, Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra - "Fugue For Tinhorns" (mp3) from Reprise Musical Repertory Theater box set

After forming Reprise Records in the early 60's, Sinatra concieved the Reprise Repertory Theater as a way to showcase the artist on his label. In 1963, he produced four albums of classic Broadway scores; Kiss Me Kate, Finian's Rainbow, South Pacific, and Guys And Dolls. With the later, he remedied what he considered a mistake from earlier in his career. Frank desperately wanted to play the role of Sky Masterson in the movie version of Guys And Dolls, which ended up going to Brando. In recreating the score for his label, Sinatra showed what he would have done with the character's showcase song, "Luck Be A Lady." Based on the results, he very well might have been right.

* By today, I actually mean yesterday. I wrote this post last night, but my hosting service was having issues, so I couldn't upload the track.

** The line in question is "Can do, can do, this guy says the horse can do," which I used to answer affirmatively to an email. I didn't expect the recipient to get the reference, and sure enough, he didn't. I do that a lot... making goofy references that people rarely get.

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