Peaceful Easy Feeling

Sad Apartment - Unisex (EP)

There seems to be a rule in Nashville that you can't be in just one band, you have to be in like five. The members of
Sad Apartment certainly ahere to that rule, splitting their time playing with Ole Mossy Face, Duraluxe, and The Carter Administration. This project's sound is more twangy and laid back than any of their main bands, although it's more 70's style country rock than alt-country (their cover of the Eagle's "Take It Easy" is definitely more earnest than ironic). It'd be the perfect soundtrack for a lazy Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and a cigarette... if only I smoked.

Sad Apartment - "Stop Get Ready Go" (mp3)

Since they don't have any sort of online link to purchase the CD, check out
The Opening Acts to snag another song from the EP.

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