Construimus, Batuimus

The boys (and gal) in All We Seabees have had a busy year. In February, they released their second album, Lady Alaska, and then almost immediately went to work on their third. Now just six months later, they're ready to pull back the curtain on MKultra. I'd love to tell you all about it, but the one thing the band hasn't been busy doing is delivering promised advance copies of the album. I'll forgive them though, because the two songs I have heard from the album already are fantastic (one is available below, the other can be heard on their myspace profile). They'll celebrate today with an in-store performance at Grimey's at 6 pm, and then again on Saturday, September 6 at The Basement, along with Hotpipes and Hands Off Cuba.

All We Seabees - "Leather Leashes" (mp3)

ETA - So either I didn't check my mailbox yesterday or my post and the delivery crossed paths in the space/time continuum, because the CD was in my mailbox when I got home tonight. Expect a full review shortly.


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