Anniversary Song

Tomorrow is Page 300's two year anniversary. I'm not going to wax nostalgic like I did last year, but I figured it was a good excuse for a birthday themed Monday morning b-side. You might assume listening to this song that it's from the Replacement's end of the road, mellowed out All Shook Down era, but it actually dates back to 1987 . It sat unreleased until the All For Nothing/Nothing For All compilation in 1997, and it's being dusted off again for the reissue of Pleased To Meet Me that Rhino is putting out on September 23. All four of the band's Warner Brothers albums are being re-released that day, with a generous helping of b-sides, demos, outtakes and alternate versions.

The Replacements - "Birthday Gal" (mp3)


"Happy Anniversary".....keep up the good bloging.
Happy Happy! And an excellent song too! ty! xoxo
How did I not know this? Great! And Happy Birthday...Nirrad.
Ok - I missed your "anniversary"....don't read your blog daily. Keep up the good work!
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