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Sometimes I think I am the least clued in music blogger on the planet. Take today for example...

This morning I was lamenting that my personal concert calender is looking the slimest it has all year. I've got Bruce Springsteen coming up next week, but after that there really wasn't a whole lot I was really super excited about until October, when The Wedding Present are in the vicinity (and I still haven't decided where I'm going to see them... Atlanta, Birmingham, and Philadelphia are all possibilities). So as I often do when I want to see what's new and exciting in the Nashville concert universe, I hit up
Out The Other to check out Janet's concert sidebar. And there at the bottom was a listing that set my little heart aflutter... Robert Pollard is touring again, and he'll be at the Mercy Lounge on October 18. And here is the part that made me feel clueless... he has a new band, Boston Spaceships.

Now most Guided By Voices faithful know that Uncle Bob forming a new band isn't exactly a rare occurrence; a lot of his solo albums/side projects/collaborations come out under about a billion different names. But this time the band is more, uh... band-y. It even has more than two band members... former GBV bassist Chris Slusarenko and Decemberists drummer John Moen round out the trio. Their debut album, Brown Submarines, will be out on September 9, but you can
preorder it now, along with the limited edition vinyl single "You Satisfy Me." And based on the two mp3s that are available so far, it's sounds like it's going to be the grooviest, poppiest, most awesome shit he's laid down since he retired the GBV banner. Feel free to start getting excited.

Boston Spaceships - "Winston's Atomic Bird" (mp3)
Boston Spaceships - "Go For The Exit" (mp3)

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