Christmas In July

Last night I'm sitting at East Park with a few friends, enjoying the downtown fireworks when an ice cream truck pulls up. This was mildly annoying, because we were trying to listen to the radio broadcast of the Nashville Symphony that accompanies said fireworks, but whatever... ice cream trucks are synonymous with summer, so it's hard to hate on them. So we're sitting there watching the rocket's red glare to the soundtrack of ice cream truck jingles, and after a few seconds I turned to one of my friends and asked "Is that 'Deck The Halls? ' " Turns out my suspicions were confirmed... the ice cream man was indeed rocking Christmas carols. A few seconds later, we were treated to "Jingle Bells." Now setting aside the obvious faux pas of playing yuletide tunes outside of the period between Thanksgiving and New Years, who the hell programs an ice cream truck to play Christmas songs??? Unless you live south of the equator, you probably don't patronize the bringer of frozen goodness in December. So dear anonymous East Nashville ice cream man... in the future please stick with "Yankee Doodle," or "London Bridge," or "Pop Goes The Weasel," or "Dixie." Those are the songs that will make me crave a rocket pop, not "Silver Bells."

Van Halen - "Ice Cream Man" (mp3) from Van Halen


That's just odd. Have you heard the ones that have a "boing" sound followed by a disembodied voice saying "HELLO?!" It really creeps me out.
Have you never heard of "Christmas in July"??? Maybe the guy was just in that spirit. Seeing the photo of the kid in the superman constume, reminded me of you...I'll have to find that photo and send it....mamasan
Yeah, I remeber that voice too)
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