Theory 8's Super Bargain Blowout Sale

Ever since the economic stimulus package was announced this spring, companies have been offering all kinds of promotions to get their greedy hands on your money entice you to help consumer spending by purchasing their products. Of course the catch is that to qualify for most of these offers, you have to spend your entire check in one place. I don't know about you, but in this failing economy, there really isn't anything I'm dying to spend six hundred bucks on. However, I'd gladly spend fifteen bucks to get five great rock albums.

For a limited time (probably as long as it takes them to sober up and come to their senses),
Theory 8 Records is running a special; get any five of their albums for just fifteen bucks. In case you're bad at math, that's just three dollars apiece. You do have to pay for shipping, but that's only another two bucks. Over the past eight years, they've released albums by Nashville stalwarts like De Novo Dahl, Caitlin Rose, Forget Cassettes, Apollo Up, and The Carter Administration, along with a few out-of-towners like Copeland, so you ought to be able to find five albums you'd dig. And if you can only find three or four, take a chance and pick one or two at random... for only three bucks it's worth a gamble, and you might discover something awesome. You can check out their complete catalog (complete with MP3s) here, but you need to hit up this link to take advantage of this offer (just list the five albums you want in the special instructions field).

Need suggestions?

Apollo Up! - "Situation: Hot!" (mp3) from Chariots Of Fire
Caitlin Rose - "Dead Flowers" (mp3) from Dead Flowers EP
De Novo Dahl - "Be Your Man" (mp3) from Cats & Kittens
The Carter Administration - "The Wake Up Call" (mp3) from Here Comes The Copout
Forget Cassettes - "Quiero, Quieres" (mp3) from Salt


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