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Mono In VCF - Mono In VCF

There are some things that when put in a certain combination I'm just a total sucker for. Putting a chick singer over dense, dreamy music is one of those things I can't resist. The first time I heard Mono In VCF, the combination of Kim Miller's gorgeous vocals and the band's slightly shoegazer-esque sound immediately had me hooked. Upon hearing their album in its entirety for the first time a few weeks ago, I realized that while they do share a "wall of sound" approach with the shoegazer movement, it's are really closer to late 60's orchestral pop... definitely more Spiritualized than Slowdive. The fact that Poppy Family founder Terry Jacks appears on two tracks is a pretty good indication of where this band's head is at. Several songs have a vibe like what a Cocteau Twins album might sound like if Robin Guthrie had used an orchestra instead of layers of chorused guitar, and "In Los Angeles" sounds like an updated take on a Nancy & Lee duet. It's an incredibly lush album, the kind that sounds equally good on headphones in a darkened room or blaring from stereo speakers. The fact that it's the band's debut makes it all the more impressive.

Mono In VCF - "Masha" (mp3)


awesome find Darrin... Downloading this now
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