Spiritualized. Nashville. Hell Yes.

I am the worst music blogger ever. I'm supposed to have my ear to the ground. I'm supposed to know about things before the general public. So how in the hell did I miss the announcement on Friday that Spiritualized is coming to Nashville in July to play City Hall??? Apparently there is some confusion as to whether it will be July 21 or 22 (I've seen both dates reported on various websites), but regardless, this is the best Nashville concert news... well, ever.

UPDATE: Tuesday, July 22 it is. Tickets go on sale Friday, May 30 at 10 am.

Spiritualized - "Shine A Light (Unreleased Mix)" (mp3) original version on Lazer Guided Melodies

Awesome, but I hate city hall. I am sure Mr. Pierce will be of the same opinion and never come back. At least I will finally get to see Spiritualized without having to make a road trip.
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