Random Bits on a Monday Morning

- New Wedding Present!!! I'm giddy like a 13 year old girl who's parents scored her tickets for a Hannah Montana concert. The Steve Albini produced El Rey comes out on May 20, and two new songs are currently streaming on the band's myspace profile (Burning World has a third). Not surprisingly, they are awesome. Especially this one...

The Wedding Present - "Santa Ana Winds" (mp3)

- Friday night I was walking down Elliston and saw Walk The West on the marquee at Exit/In, and a flyer for F.U.C.T. on the wall at The End. It was like stepping into a time machine back to 1989, only now I'm old enough to get into clubs. Apparently this Spat Records compilation Return To Elliston Square is inspiring all the old Nashville bands to relive their glory days.

- Richard Ashcroft looks weird with short hair, but it's fantastic to see him onstage with Nick McCabe again, even though I didn't actually see it, just the pictures. My biggest wish for 2008 (or early 2009) is a Verve tour date close enough to drive to. Although this is one tour that might be worth a plane ticket, if that's what it took.

- Some free advice to opening bands... don't take down your stuff from the merch table until AFTER the headliner has played. Some people (like me) don't like holding things, so we wait until the end of the night to buy stuff. But if your CD isn't there, we can't give you our money and take it home with us. Which makes us sad, because we really liked you.

- The last three shows I saw last week all involved Merge Records artists. Weird.

Darrin... I'm interested in a spectator's take on the spectacle that was the weirdest show of all time: AMC, U-Tree, and myself. Not fishing here, it just seemed outrageously strange, and our SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWW acoustic set almost felt "punk rock" when being played at The End. AMC's self-deprecation was interesting, if not expected. Sincerely, Arob.
oh yeah, nice to meet you by the way.
I wish the Verve would resurrect as well...and Richard does look strange with short hair - but he does look like he finally put on some weight :)
Hell yahz, new Wedding Present sounds great.

Anna - The Verve HAVE resurrected. Hence the concert photos. They have a new album coming out later this year.
Aaron - I enjoyed the show, but it did seem to suffer a bit from midtempoitis. Maybe it would have been better on a week night, but on Friday you kinda want a bit more of the upbeat stuff. Of course, I was probably at the wrong show if I wanted the rawk. The friend I was with is a huge AMC fan, and he said he wasn't surprised...he said all their albums since San Francisco had been kinda "loungy."

I've never been an UT fan... I just don't like that kinda overly dramatic cabaret pop. The fact that their posse all bolted as soon as they were done certainly didn't endear them to me anymore. The were definitely an odd choice for that bill.
Darrin, I'm 9 or so years into my AMC fandom. I was very pumped to see them, even though they had a few missteps early that obviously threw Eitzel off. He was nice and jovial pre-show, and then kind of abrupt afterwards (he told me to "have a nice life"). He's obviously very effected by mid-show momentum issues.

I thought U-Tree was good, but maybe a bit long-winded for a support act. With the bad weather and all their people bolting, it made me a bit sad for AMC having been a band for so long in one form or another. I bet we won't see them again for a few years around here, if ever again.

I actually had fun playing the super slow set, but then again, I could do without upbeat music for weeks at a time, so I'm not one to ask.

Thanks again for attending and I hope to see you out again soon.

Oh, yeah. Hooray for The Verve. Boo for the 4 U.S. shows though, or however many it is. I saw them in Atlanta on the Urban Hymns tour, and my ears have never recovered. I prefer A Northern Soul.
I am speechlessly happy.
Thank you for being my link to a larger and more hip market. I miss Philadelphia somedays just because.

I read the blog entry at work which means I was half-focused and with the security I couldn't access the links at the time. I thought you were "wishful thinking".

Did I mention...OMG.

Thanks so much for the updates again!
ah, the verve in atlanta - that brings back some good memories.

come to think of it, the wedding present in atlanta brings back some good memories, too.
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