Everything Looks Worse In Black & White

I have a dilemna. My best friend just told me that before today he had never heard "Kodachrome" by Paul Simon. At first, I didn't believe him, but once I got over the shock, I suddenly feel like our friendship has been shaken to its very core. It's worse than when we had a falling out over a girl we had overlapping romantic interests in. I'm honestly not sure that we can be friends anymore.

We've hung out a lot over the years, so I know he's not a hermit. I've stayed at his condo, so I know he doesn't live under a rock. He has a sizable CD collection. How can you have never heard "Kodachrome"???!!! There is just a certain level of cultural awareness I expect in my friends, and I can't think of a legitimate excuse for not having heard this song at some point in thirty plus years. Seriously, that'd be like saying you've never read Catcher In The Rye, or you've never seen Citizen Kane. It's a fucking classic!

I need a drink.

And while we're talking about "Kodachrome," I love Lindsey Buckingham, but he totally owes Simon royalties for this rip off...

Fleetwood Mac - "Peacekeeper" (mp3) from Say You Will

Are you sure he wasn't living in a cave??????
Catcher in The Rye has been on my list to read for for the past 20 years. I have Citizen Kane on VHS and will get around to watching it one of these days.

Holden Caufield
Ease up, will you? I'm sure there are some songs other people would be flabbergasted why you don't know their titles.
Are you sure your friend never heard that song? Or does he just not know the title of the song is "Kodachrome"?
Or does he simply not listen to oldies pop music stations much (the song is 35 years old, spent 2 weeks at its highest chart position (#2) and came in 74th place in 1973's top 100)... That's not so bad, is it?
What are you, his mom?

It's unforgivable I say! UNFORGIVABLE!!!
Kodachrome...gives us those nice bright colors.

Focus on the sunny day of your friendship!

Perhaps...um...he's a hardcore fan of the Starland Vocal Band and just missed this hit. Some people only buy from the cutout bin.
If they don't know the song "The Boxer" you may have a SLIGHT point. Even if it is S&G. Hell, I work with people who think a 45 is the mileage rating of a Toyota Prius.

So tonight at MP's open mic, Bill Ellingboe (who may or may not read your blog) says before his first song: "This song goes out to Tyge because he's never heard it before" --and he plays a spot-on version of Kodachrome. Before his second song he says "The same idiot who didn't know Kodachrome hasn't read "Catcher in the Rye" which this song (an original) has a reference to."

Fuck you fuckers.

PS. Beware the ghost.
It's Oleg's fault! Every time the song was played Oleg was in charge.
I´ve never heard of Kodachrome either. I have some music knowledge and good sized collection. Paul Simon´s music is not for everyone.
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