With The First Pick...

With the NFL Draft being this weekend, I thought I'd celebrate by featuring the most ridiculous CD I own.* In 1998, the NFL teamed with eMusic to release NFL Country, an album of duets that paired country stars with NFL players. The results, as you might expect, are mostly terrible. The one exception? The pairing of Randy Travis and New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan. Seriously. I wouldn't say that Strahan has a great voice, but stylistically he nails it. Apart from that, I'd say the biggest surprise is either that this album is actually a sequel (the first NFL Country was released two years earlier), or that it's still in print!!!

Randy Travis & Michael Strahan - "Brinks Truck" (mp3)

To be honest this year's draft is kind of boring, especially now that the Dolphins have already signed the first pick. But ten years ago, the draft was ripe with intrigue. Who would be the first pick, Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf? We all know how that worked out. But if it had been a battle of the bands, who would have been first? Thanks to NFL Country, you can decide for yourself.

Kenny Chesney & Peyton Manning - "Whatever It Takes" (mp3)
Kevin Sharpe & Ryan Leaf - "The Look Of A Woman In Love" (mp3)

I'm not sure who the winner is, but the loser is anyone with ears.

* In my defense, I didn't buy this piece of crap. It was a gag gift.

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