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The Legal Limits - Hot Pursuit (EP)

Back at the end of January,
The Legal Limits and Sad Apartment teamed up for a joint EP release show at the 5 Spot. I reviewed Sad Apartment's EP back in February, and since the two bands are getting together for another evening of "side projectitis" tomorrow night, April 4, at Family Wash, I figured it was a good time to talk about the other CD I took home that night.

For whatever reason, I never quite connected with The Legal Limits the night of their record release. But several weeks ago, my broken car CD player suddenly started working (it's since crapped out again). Hot Pursuit was one of the CDs I happened to have left in the car, so it made it's way into the rotation, and it stayed there for the better part of a month. The band is often referred to as Ryan Ervin's country side project, but apart from the presence of slide guitar, it's really just a more subdued take on the same kind of pop music he makes with The Carter Administration. It's full of the same sly wit and big hooks that have made the Carters one of Nashville's most beloved bands, just played a little slower and with less distortion. The four originals are padded out with two covers, including an ultra lo-fi take on Guided By Voices "Smothered In Hugs" that would make Uncle Bob proud.

The Legal Limits - "Pretend You're Invisible" (mp3)

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