Excuses, Excuses

Things I have been doing for the past week...

1. Playing shows (well, one anyway).
2. Going to shows.
3. Watching movies good and not so good.
4. Working overtime.
5. Listening to the new Hotpipes album incessantly.
6. Moving furniture.
7. Making videos.
8. Bartending for my folks' annual Easter luncheon.
9. Napping.

Things I have not been doing...

1. Laundry.
2. Posting things here.

Consequently I have a backlog of both. We'll see if we can't get that corrected this week. In the meantime, here is pretty much my favorite song in the world right now, from the aforementioned Hotpipes CD.

Hotpipes - "The Future Is Where We Belong" (mp3) from Future Bolt

Wicked whistler...wow!
So atonement? Too long or longing? Too much English Patient?!
Just plain boring. I mainly watched it so I could say I'd seen all five best picture nominees, and frankly it doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as No Country For Old Men or There Will Be Blood.
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