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One of my goals for 2008 is to try to go a show every week. Honestly it's not a goal I expect to acheive, but I figure by shooting for four or five shows a month, I'll make it out to at least two or three. The last couple of weeks I've been to... uh... zero shows, due to weather and working late and being out of town. This week I'll be making up for it.

I've been looking forward to Monday night since I first checked out Hallelujah The Hills several weeks ago. I'm usually not a fan of band names and song titles being one in the same, but this song is a thousand different kinds of awesome... like The Rentals doing a pub sing along.

Hallelujah The Hills - "Hallelujah The Hills" (mp3) from Collective Psychosis Begone

The rest of their stuff is equally great. They're playing in Nashville twice tomorrow (St. Patrick's Day if you weren't paying attention). They'll be at Grimey's for a free instore performance at 6 pm, and then head to Springwater for a 9 pm show that also features Bad Friend and (self promotion alert) Paris Street.

Tuesday night is about making up for lost opportunities. Hotpipes released their new CD a couple of weeks ago, and I had planned on going to their record release show. Unfortunately my planned catnap turned into a prolonged slumber and I slept through it. Last week they did an instore at Grimey's, but I ended up having to work late. So I'm bound and determined to catch their show at The Groove, the new(ish) record store in East Nashville. The fact that it's only a couple of blocks from my apartment makes it a pretty safe bet that I wont miss them this time. Turncoats and The Teenage Prayers will also be playing, the show starts at 7 pm, and it's free.

Finally on Saturday, March 22, my favorite local band All We Seabees return to the stage after their winter hibernation. I was out of town for their record release house party in Murfreesboro last month, but it turns out I didn't miss much since the local constables shut it down. They'll be playing at The Basement along with Anna Kramer and Pale Blue Dot.


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