My Favorite Love Song

I think I've only had three Valentine's Day dates in my life. One went down as the absolute worst date I've ever had. One was more memorable for what didn't happen than what did. And the final one (which was actually the first, this list runs in reverse chronological order), I remember absolutely nothing about. I'm sure it was very nice, it just wasn't at all memorable. So I don't have a lot of warm, fuzzy memories of the holiday to give me fond feelings for it. But I'm certainly not bitter about it, like a LOT of people are. I really don't understand the hatred some people have for today. If you don't have someone, don't celebrate. It seems pretty easy to me. I don't see how a few Hallmark commercials are a reason to be pissed off at the world... unless you're already inclined towards feeling that way.

About a year and a half ago, I decided that this was my favorite love song. It's certainly not traditional, and if you're listening to it for the first time, you might be thinking "Darrin, you're kinda weird." But listen to the lyrics... there is a real sweetness to them. What initially might seem like neediness is really just the way most of us feel in the beginning of a relationship, when feelings just start to surface, and the uncertainty makes everything a bit more intense.

The Wedding Present - "Suck" (mp3)from Seamonsters

My second favorite love song? Quite possibly this...

Cinerama - "Your Charms" (mp3) from Disco Volante

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I absolutely love "Your Charms". And Cinerama, for that matter. And I've only had one Valentine's date ever, and we got in a fight.
Darrin - I know you are weird, and I love you for your wierdness....always have, always will!
Mercury is mu fave of theirs
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