Listen, The Snow Is Falling

It's snowing in Nashville tonite. They've actually issued a severe winter weather advisory for us. Usually that means we get a slight dusting and it's gone by 10 a.m. the next morning. But today the weathermen were all like "No, we really mean it this time. Two to four inches. We're serious. Why is everyone laughing?" Meteorologists in Tennessee are kind of like Ben on Lost... they lie to your face all the time, and yet you still believe them next time they make a promise. And Nashville is full of Juliettes.

I've got to give them credit this evening though; the snow is really coming down. And since the roads are quickly turning to shit, my plans for tonite are to bundle up in a jacket and scarf, sit on my porch for a while with a beer and a cigar, and watch the world turn white while listening to wintery songs. I'll probably end up with Dean Martin's
A Winter Romance at some point, but I'm starting with these two...

Galaxie 500 - "Listen, The Snow Is Falling" (mp3) from This Is Our Music
The Church - "Snowfallwer" (mp3) from Back With Two Beasts

Glad you are bundling up, but a cigar.....YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cigar - good taste dear sir (although Jim wouldn't agree per se)! Oh and I must say that the broad on the cover of A Winter Romance still has some of the scariest lipstick I've ever seen.
Lucky you got more snow than we did :(
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