Blue Is The Color Of Hope

Several of my friends have those players on their myspace profiles. Most of the time, they (the players, not the friends) bug the shit out of me, because I'm usually listening to music of my own choosing when I check out their page, and I have to immediately track down the player and stop it so I'm not hearing two songs at once. I honestly believe that webpages that automatically play music when you visit them ought to be illegal.

Tonite however was one of the very rare occasions when I enjoyed a myspace playlist. My friend
Shannon has one on his profile dedicated to songs with "Blue Sky" in the title. I get the feeling that the song selection was kind of random, but it really makes for a great half hour of listening. You can hear it for yourself here. Then when you're done with that, you can listen to my favorite song that fits Shannon's theme...

Patty Griffin - "Blue Sky" (mp3) from Flaming Red

Oddly enough, I almost posted this song a couple of days ago, but I got distracted and didn't. But I will add the one thought I'd definitely have put in that post... the line "Be my singing lesson, be my song" is one of my favorite lyrics ever.

And if you really want to appreciate a truly gorgeous blue sky, you need to go to Montana. The most beautiful sky you've ever seen doesn't compare to the Big Sky state on a sunny day. Seriously.

photo by caselee


Do you know the person who took this photo? And if you love Montana so much, you need to be there in July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you
I hope my playlist isn't on your hate list... Ironically, I have a blue sky/michelangelo quote on my page from David Olney right now. Anyway, you are so right about Montana. When we rode our bikes to Sturgis, we went thru Salt Lake City and then up thru Park City and into Montana. I swear to god when we pulled over at a gas station, I said to my fellow riders "It might just be me, but I feel closer to the sky... to heaven even." They all agreed. It's like a plateau you reach where the sky is more vast and closer to you. Indeed 'Big Sky Country'. Why in the hell is that? The buffalo burgers weren't bad either.
anonymom - no, I don't know the person who took it. I was just trying to find a pic of the sky I liked, and couldn't, so then I searched "blue sky montana" and voila!

Tyge - the songs on your playlist might be great, but I still hate it in principal.
anonymom - aren't you clever!!!! You should have asked.....I probably have some good Montana photos....
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