Directions To See A Ghost

The Black Angels - Directions To See A Ghost

I'm obsessed. For the past week I've only been listening to two albums; the new R.E.M. (reviewed here), and this... the latest from Austin's The Black Angels. Directions To See A Ghost is like the soundtrack for a peyote fueled midnight drive into the desert. The guitars are a molotov cocktail of delay, distortion and tremolo. If Jim Morrison had fronted Mazzy Star, and they turned the amps up to eleven, it would sound something like this (that analogy doesn't work if all you've heard from MZ is "Fade Into You" and "Halah," but if you've heard the rest of their albums, it's quite apt). It's really not the kind of album you'd want to listen to walking around in public, because chances are you're going to get lost in it. It's a brooding, bluesy and utterly fantastic head trip.

The Black Angels - "Doves" (mp3)

The CD won't be in stores until May 13, but you can buy the album starting today. How's that? Visit your nearest participating indie record store (like, say, Grimey's) and purchase a pre-sale card that will allow you to instantly download the album. Then return to the same store after May 13 to pick up the CD, along with an exclusive bonus 4 song EP. For more info on this promotion, go here.


obsessed is good, especially when it comes to the black angels. i too am having these compulsive urges. in fact presently i am obsessed in trying to locate the b-side to the 'doves' single, which has the lovely title, 'drone (in g# major). non-americans are unable to obtain this track so we hope that a generous blogger such as yourself is going to post it. please.
ooh yeah, "doves" is awesome - I guess they've been playing it live for a couple years now, but it sounds so good as a studio recording - I can't wait for this album to hit the stores!
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