We're The Dandy Highwaymen

I would nominate this as possibly the greatest music video ever made. I mean, it has everything... Puffy shirts! Jumping! Two drummers! An obscenely large Walkman! More guns than a 50 Cent video, and more corsettes than a Keira Knightley movie. And really, who doesn't love period films. Seriously, this video is so awesome they did a "making of" documentary of it. That's like "Thriller" good.

Adam and the Ants - "Stand And Deliver" (mp3) from Prince Charming


Not to be a downer, but I was hoping to find a review of The Howlies on your page today... Not some retro 80's, two-bit, B-movie-wannabe-video by a virtual has-been. Anyway. Don't have the dates yet but I will be seeing you sometime next month. Should know exactly when soon. Hopefully the same time KITH will be there.
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