Please don't make me like you John Mayer

Before last night, if I was going to make a list of my all time least favorite musicians, John Mayer definitely would have made the top five... probably third, after Kenny G and Barbra Streisand. Sure the guy's song are terrible, and despite being a massive tool, he seems to bag every hottie in Hollywood as if he were checking them off a list. But the biggest reason I can't stand the douchebag dates back his very first column in Esquire, when he responded to a query about The Beatles by saying "I've missed too many episodes to follow the plot." Even after he started showing off his funny bone on Chappelle's Show, and a hilarious 2 Girls 1 Cup parody, my dislike for the guy stood resolute. But after seeing this, I think the walls on my tower of hate are starting to crumble a little bit. (WARNING - Audio NSFW)

And speaking of hating Kenny G...

Richard Thompson - "I Agree With Pat Metheny" (mp3) unreleased, from his website


I saw this earlier this week and found it quite funny. I'm not a big fan and don't own any of his albums, but this and more importantly the "White People Can't Dance?" segment on Chappelle were gems.

I also would prefer to never see the name Kenny - um you know, on this site please. This is where I get my quality and new music soprano saxamaphones pleaseeeeeee!
Kenny G - are you kidding me????? With all the other great musicians in the world (or even in Nashville only) you pick him?????? I'm disappointed...................
Did you read the post? All time LEAST favorite musicians.
While I did read the post - I must say, please never mention that name in any way, shape or form. Thanks in advance.
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