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After a weekend of deliberations, and several of cups of coffee and Kahlua, we're happy to announce the winners of our Black Angels giveaway.

First off, thank you to everyone who got their creative juices flowing and submitted a story. We had a lot of good entries, but unfortunately only three people can win the grand prize. We will be sending a consolation prize to everyone who participated however. The format of the contest inspired a lot of what might be called horror haikus, and considering how I described the album in my
original review, it's interesting that two of the three winners come from the southwest. There must be something in the dry desert air.

The winning entries...

From Nik in Glendale, AZ
They hit the road. He saw him at dusk, she pulled over. Quiet conversation. SUDDENLY AN AXE, BLOOD ON THE DASHBOARD!!!...the hitchhiker is waiting.
From Jeff in Las Vegas, NV
I dreamed I saw Elvis' ghost at a Las Vegas buffet.

"What's up E?"

He burped.

I woke up dead but with a full tummy.
From Andrew in Somerville, MA
Sudden darkness. At the other end of the phone, heavy breathing. A thump. Knock at the window. Hand to the throat. The end.
And honorable mention goes to Dom in Blackburn, Lancashire. If I had four grand prizes to giveaway, he would have got one.
The spook community lampooned Phil the Spectre because he was bald. So he frightened the coif off a music producer and fashioned some fuzz. FIN.
The Black Angels new album, Directions To See A Ghost, hits stores tomorrow, May 13.

The Black Angels - "Doves" (mp3) from Directions To See A Ghost
The Black Angels - "The First Vietnamese War" (mp3) from Passover


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