A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening

How to get your weekend off to a great start in two easy steps...

1. Watch your hometown team kick the crap out of the Red Sox. Granted, after winning 8-0 Friday night, they went on to lose the next two games in the series. But at this point in the Mariners' craptastic season, I'm happy for any win I can get.

2. See a great show. After watching the rare M's victory Friday, I made my way to the 5 Spot, and accidentally timed my arrival perfectly to have exactly enough time to get a beer before
Jennifer Nicely got the evening started. If you're seeing her for the first time, it's probably a bit disjarring. You close your eyes and you'd swear the ghost of Billie Holliday was on stage... then you open them and it's this skinny white girl. Altered Statesmen were up next with a fabulous set of their trademark chilled out psychedelic soul. Rounding out the night was Millionaire Magicians. Having previously only seen frontman Jerry Campbell's previous band Spider Virus, I was surprised to be treated to set of unabashed pop songs, complete with gang vocal sing alongs. It was one of those nights that reminded you that it's really pretty ridiculous how many talented people there are in Nashville, and how lucky you are to get to experience it constantly.

Altered Statesmen - "Lightning Rod" (mp3) from Altered Statesmen

Altered Statesmen will be playing the first evening of Courtney Tidwell's mini-residency at The Basement this Wednesday, June 11, along with Lone Official and a solo set from Lambchop's Kurt Wagner. This will probably be the best show in Nashville this month, and if you miss it, you'll be kicking yourself when everyone else is talking about it on Thursday.

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