Carrots Are Divine

I absolutely love this song. It's one of my favorites that Sammy Cahn wrote, but Bugs Bunny ruined it for me. I can never listen to it without hearing him singing...

Keely Smith - "It's Magic" (mp3) from Swingin' Pretty

And for the record, I can't stand carrots.

No way man! Carrots are God's vegetable. I'm a sucker for that sweet, sweet carrot juice. But you must drink it through a straw or one's beard goes all orange. It's a shame that ex-girlfriend #6 broke my damn Jack Lelane Power Juicer back in '04.

I do, however, despise cooked carrots. I likes 'em raw/juiced.
Maybe your mom gave you too many carrots as a baby!!!! ;)
They did give you a "glow" (along with the squash and sweet potatoes)!
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