Return of the Monday Morning B-side

One of my most popular features when I first started this blog was the Monday Morning B-Side (you can read the introductory post for the feature here). Last year I stopped doing it because I got kinda burned out on it. Well, that and my new job didn't allow me the luxury of writing the posts at work. I got quite a few emails lamenting the loss, and honestly I meant to fire it back up a lot sooner, but... well, I'm lazy. But I figure that after a year, I've had enough of a break that I can start squeezing a few minutes into my weekend to do a post for Monday mornings.

To get things started again, I'm going to do a month long series of acoustic versions. And since listening to this track last week was what got me started thinking about doing this again, it's an appropriate place to start. The original recording of this song (from Here's Where The Strings Come In), is probably my favorite
Superchunk tune. It was originally released on the Hyper Enough single, and is now available on the Cup of Sand rarities album.

Superchunk - "Detroit Has a Skyline (Acoustic Version)" (mp3)


Christ, I love this version of this song! Had completely forgotten about it until today. Thank you! (Your link is broken but I picked it up on Hype Machine).

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