The Return of Nashville Jumps

By far my favorite show on WRVU is Pete Wilson's Nashville Jumps. It's been a staple of my morning drives for ten years now, and when he took this past summer off, my Friday commute was sorely lacking. The very first time I stumbled onto his show in the fall of 1998, I heard the studio version this song, and I've been hooked ever since (this live take is twice as long, and twice as funny).

Louis Prima & Sam Butera - "Next Time (Live at Harrah's)" mp3 from The Capitol Recordings

Pete describes the music on his show as "jump blues, jumping jive, classic R&B, boogie woogie, jazz, and early, unbleached rock and roll." I would more succinctly describe it as ridiculously fun. The songs are often laced with innuendo and decidedly un-PC humor. You might hear Bull Moose Jackson inviting you to pull out his "bit ten inch.... record," or Margie Day asking "take out your false teeth daddy, momma wants to scratch your gums." You'll definitely hear tales of infidelity, drunken nights, and probably a little domestic violence for good measure. You're guaranteed to get songs from Louis Jordan and Wynonie Harris, and you just might catch something from Nat King Cole or Lady Ella as well.

After taking the summer off to attend to family matters, Pete is back on the air in his usual spot on Friday mornings from 8 til 10 am. You really won't find a better way to kick off the last day of the work week, so tune in to 91.1 FM if you live in Nashville, or listen live online at If you can listen to this stuff without cracking a huge smile, you're made of stronger stuff than I am.

Wynonie Harris - "Bloodshot Eyes" (mp3) from Lovin' Machine

For more information on the show, check out the Nashville Jumps blog. You can also listen to the streaming archive of last week's show here, or check out past playlists.

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