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I'm an infrequent contributor to Tuesday night trivia at the Flying Saucer. In the past six months, I've probably only been there like half a dozen times. But during that period, I had yet to miss on a music question, which made me like fifteen for fifteen or something. I hesitated on one last month, and only gauged my certainty at about 65 percent, but considering that the answer was *NSYNC, I didn't consider that a bad thing (and yes, I guessed correctly).

In baseball, there's an unwritten rule that you never mention a no hitter in progress, especially to the pitcher. And in my once-a-month appearances, I had established a rep as the go-to music guy... the closer of pop culture queries. So after our group won last month, a friend mentioned to the rest of the crew that I had yet to miss on a music question. From that point on I felt doomed.

Last night the law of averages finally caught up with me. I was flying high going into the final round. Not only had I aced the first music question of the night , but I also nailed two movie questions and a sports question. But when the second music question of the evening came up, I drew a blank.

The question was "What song contains the lyric 'My jobs ain't a job, it's a damn good time.'" I'm sure at this point, half of you reading this know the answer. And I should have. I own the fucking album. But I had nothing. No inkling, no educated guess, not even a wild stab in the dark. It was pathetic.

Am I blowing this way out of proportion? Yeah, probably. But this stung. A lot. It's not just a chink in the armour... it's a giant hole in the cataphract that is my pride.

Poor baby.....let mama give you a hug to make you feel better....
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