Unless You Hate Baby Jesus...

When Aimee Mann released One More Drifter In The Snow in 2006, she promoted it with a Christmas variety show tour that combined songs, skits and storytelling from her and various special guests. To promote the tour, she did a couple of short videos in which she conspires with Paul F. Tompkins on the best way to ask her various celebrity friends to participate. Part 1 stars John Krasinski, Emily Procter, Patton Oswalt, and a great cameo that I won't ruin by telling you about it beforehand...

Part 2 features Bob Odenkirk and Fred Armisen, and part 3 has bits with Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell. They're all pretty funny, so if you're looking for something to kill a few minutes at work today... you're welcome.

Aimee's 3rd annual Christmas tour kicks off it's east coast swing tonight in Ridgefield, CT, and continues through the 19th. The remaining tour dates and ticket info can be found here.

Aimee Mann - "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (mp3) from One More Drifter In The Snow

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