Love Take Me Down To The Streets

Last weekend I went to see Role Models. I had a pretty good idea going into it that I'd like it, since it was directed by David Wain, and starred Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks (one of the few blondes to ever make my celebrity crush list), and nearly half the cast of The State. I didn't just like it though... it was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

So why am I writing about it on a music blog? Because it's chalk full of music jokes. There are so many Kiss references (
this one is my favorite) that you'd almost think they paid for product placement (and given Gene Simmons' history I wouldn't be surprised if they did). But the one that really got me was a recurring joke about a Wings song that doesn't exist. During the movie, a couple of characters briefly sing the hook to the chorus of the madeup song. So I was a bit surprised when the credits rolled and I suddenly heard the voice of Paul McCartney, singing the imaginary Wings track. I started thinking that maybe they dug up some unreleased track, or got Sir Paul to record a new track for the movie. After sitting through the music credits, it turned out to be none of the above. The song was written by cast member A.D. Miles and Charles Gansa, who's written music for several of the the ex-State members movies, and sung by Joey Curatolo, who plays Paul in the Beatles tribute act Rain. And it's uncanny how much it sounds EXACTLY like Wings. They absolutely nailed the production, and Curatolo is a dead ringer for McCartney... he even nails that half assed scream that Macca does.

"Love Take Me Down (To The Streets)" (mp3) from the Role Models soundtrack

There is no soundtrack for the movie (NOTE: there is now), so it took some hunting to track down this MP3. The song can also be heard playing in the background of the website for the fictional Sturdy Wings organization.


oh my god thats the funniest thing i ever heard... i watched the movie and didnt know if it was a actual wings song... thanks for making my day
Thank you. If there were a soundtrack I probably would have bought it just for this. This is such a funny story, thanks for sharing-I had no idea this song was put together just for the movie. I love the Kiss jokes as well.
you are awesome. almost as awesome as role models. thanks! this is going on my valentine's day mixed cd for my girlfriend.
So how'd you end up finding it anyway? I've been wanting this on my ipod since I saw those credits roll.
Thanks so much for having this available for me to put on my ipod. I know Joey from way back when and I have seen RAIN perform numerous times. They are fantastic. I was just about ready to ask him for a copy if he had it. Now I can listen to it all of the time.
Great movie, Wings parody is awesome. Best line in the movie "who wants to sniff this bush?"
YES YES YES!!!!!! Finally a freakin answer god bless you good........ness I have been telling everyone no there is no such song but all of my dik 4 friends didn't believe thank you for the final answer of my question.... I can die in peace now
I got the movie on Blu Ray last weekend and I can't stop watching it. The cast is perfect! I love Paul, Sean and esp. Jane Lynch-- "Don't BS a BS'er!" Glad to know about that "Wings" song, too! LOL
for this, i love you.
wow. another riddle solved! I've been obssessed with this movie and this song for a while now. Thank you for finally solving it. I actually figured out the chords on my piano. :-)
Has anyone noticed that the logo for the kids with the 2 going together are both simular yet oposite a wings album cover, which has the hands for a logo, but attached at the thumbs (to look like wings) rather than the movies, fingers together? Just a thought.
Sorry!! The 2 hands goin together...
Just finished watching it, can't say it was that good however the whole wing set-up was nice. Cussing kids made me laugh could have been alot better....although there had been great lines.WHATS UP? MY D#@K LOVE TAKE ME DOWN TO THE STREETS.
You are my hero. This song makes me cry tears of joy. And now I can cry all the time.
I can't get this song because of bandwidth issues? can anyone send to me? has my email
`thanks for the heads up on the song,funny film but i had to check out the song
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