Happy Labor Day

Remember how I used to (and still do on occasion) post songs for all the various holidays that occurred throughout the year? Well, apparently my friend Tyge does too. He's started a weekly series of posts at The Opening Acts called "Your Weekend Holiday" where he posts a song every weekend for whatever holiday is currently on the calendar. It kinda sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it? I'm sure he'd say he totally didn't rip off my idea*, because he's writing about obscure holidays you've never heard of. Fan's of VH1's Behind The Music know that that's the same rationale that Vanilla Ice used to explain how he didn't rip off "Under Pressure" because they added an extra beat. There's a word for it my friends... bullshit.

Anyway, today is Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. And so to celebrate, here is one of my favorite summer anthem of all time, from the greatest holiday movie of all time.

Bing Crosby - "Lazy" (mp3) from Holiday Inn

*because I'm the only music blogger in the history of the internet who ever did holiday themed posts, obviously.


You posted songs "...for all the various holidays." Really?

Let's see here... Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Sinatra's Birthday (not a holiday), Christmas, Christmas, Christmas (in July!) Sinatra's Birthday (again, not a holiday), Christmas, Christmas, Election Day (is that a holiday?) St. Pat's and Valentine's Day. It's been seven months since this current Labor Day post of yours and your previous Holiday post.

Boy, that's some consistent blogging there. The Vanilla Ice ball is in your court as you obviously have a come-back to make.

Thanks for the plug though... and see you next week for three days of debauchery.
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