Christmas Celebration

A few years ago when I worked at Virgin, I came in one December morning and one of my fellow buyers had left this CD on my desk. I'm not the world's biggest Weezer fan, but he knew that I was a huge Christmas nerd. The two song CD is often billed as a fan club single, but I'm pretty sure it was actually sent out only as a promo (considering that's how I got it). "The Christmas Song" was released on MTV: TRL Christmas a few years ago, but the b-side, "Christmas Celebration," never saw an actual release. Which is a shame, because it's a whole lot more fun. Both songs were available for free on Weezer's website for years, but they apparently disappeared last December. So I'm making it today's monday morning b-side.

Weezer - "Christmas Celebration" (mp3)


Cool. Might have to use this track in one of my Christmas postings.
The only thing that could possibly make Christmas suck more would be Christmas + Weezer. This is more proof that there is no God, ergo there could be no actual Son of God (i.e. Jesus), ergo Christmas shoulda just stayed Saturnalia and we'd all have more fun.

Dig my syllogisms.
I like weezer myself..and i will definitely link with this track in my christmas blog..
There's no doubt, the dude is absolutely just.
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